Our products include hard and soft copies of our well researched lectures roles, pamphlets, practical manuals and books. These are available for each seminar and workshop on our course list. Some of the title includes;

1.Soccer system and their aspects
2.Skills in attacking football
3.Skills in defensive footballing
4.Practical roles of the midfielders and the fornt line players.
5.Reasons goals are conceded.
6.Pressuring when the ball is lost.
7.Good finishing in the attack.
8.Breaking free from the opponent.
9.Support in attack / Support play.
10.Attacking with the ball or without the ball.
11.Counter attack.
12.The technical aspects of counter attack.
13.Techniques and their principles.
14.Do’s and donts in passes.
15.Care and maintenances of footballers.
16.role of agoalkeepers.
17.Defending at set plays.
18.Attacking at set plays.
19.Goalkeeping techniques and its principles.
20.Importance of fitness and training.
21.Poor effects of 11-A-side coaches.
22.Language of football.
23.Discipline in football and as a footballer.
24.How and when to raise the morale of a play or the teams.
25.Introduction and objectives.
26.Keeping ball poccession