The programme is intended for youths between age 8 – 12 (boys and girls). The Academy appreciates the importance of sound foundation for the youth in all sports, hence the objective of this course is to reach the grass root, hunt for talented boys and girls and develop them.

This course is designed to properly sharpen the muscular habits and improve the neuromuscular coordination of young boys and girls through carefully designed motor activities for strength and mobility.

Such activities will find expression in skills physical education and football and other sports.
Graduates from this course can move into the higher level courses available.

The course is for boys and girls aged 8 – 10, 11 – 13, 14 -15, and 16 – 18 years. It is intended for those that have gone through our basic programme as well as highly motor educable youngsters.
It is an intensive progrmme to improve the condition, football technique / skills and some tactics. The training would be 8 weeks per diet.

(UNDER 21 i.e. 16 – 20)
It is a course for players in the local league or amateur league who are interested in playing at professional level.
The course is to improve the players in the three aspects of the game of football (Fitness, techniques/ skill and tactics). It is free of charge but each player must come with a ball.

It is an intensive programme on both theory and practical aspects of the game of football. It is a three month programme designed to equip players for the challenges of the professional league.
Participants will be made to go through planned test matches and competitions for exposure and endurance building.

This course is intended to assist goal keepers at both amateur and professional levels to improve their goalkeeping techniques and skills.

Goalkeepers training require special attention to get them to reach peak performance. This is lacking at the moment because most of the amateur club coaches usually owing to time constrant do not do enough during team training period.

This course is aimed at providing individualized training for each participant. The programme is of 4 weeks durations and could be varied according to an individual.

This is a course for the youth football club leaders in all states of the federation. These upcoming football club leaders are abundant in all states of the federation. They are very much interested in kids and the game of football. They are the first personalities in these kids learning in their football career.

The Academy’s research department observes that most of these leaders have no formal training as coaches or teachers of football and are therefore unable to give the kids the correct foundation. The Academy therefore attaches much importance to the development of leaders and teachers in this category. The course duration is 2 weeks.

The workshop is intended to continuously refresh and update the knowledge of amateur club coaches.
The coaches at this level handle players that would later play for the professional clubs. It is therefore important that such coaches themselves are well grounded in sound foundation laying so that their products will fit into the professional cadre.

Coaches at this level also aspire to manage professional clubs in future. This course with the foregoing in mind will provide participation with all that is required to improve amateur club coaching. We will introduce the skills of uniform methods of coaching which is lacking in the country. Course duration is 2 weeks.

The forum will serve as a clearing ground where once a week it will meet to cross fertilize ideas, skills and attitudes germane to the coaching function.

The forum would secure the services of instructors who are versed in the art of teaching and coaching the game of football and in other sports. A suitable ground for practical and lectures is already available for continuously updating the knowledge and skills of members.

Visiting instructors within and outside the country would from time to time be engaged to improve the standards of member. Ninety percent of the forum’s activities would be based on practicals. The management outfit of successful football clubs will be approached to sponsor their coaches as members of the forum. There are rules and regulations to govern members. Members would be screened as only disciplined and educated ones will be

A yearly State and National league for the youths, the league is important for the kids as it will make the kids have a feel of a competition. Competition stimulates interest, builds courage, gives sense of belonging, enables the making of more friends, it also keeps people away from evil and all sorts of malpractice. Above all expose them to scouts for higher engagement.

The competition is for the youth in remembrance of the past heroes that have made the country proud in football both locally and internationally.Such competition for boys and girls under -17 is a sort of encouragement and inspiration for the youth and parents as well as a source of promoting the growth of sports locally and nationwide. These are heroes like Thunder Tesilimi Balogun, Jide Johnson, Garba Okoye, Dan Anyiam, Muda Lawal etc.

The five- a-side competition is very important for players at all levels as it swiftly develops their skills. It improves the level of understanding of the game of football by players.

It is a competition intended for players from professional clubs, national and state leagues. It is a super technique/skill building game for players within age bracket of 16 – 17 years. Now our great country has been participating in the five-a-side World Cup contest. The Nigerian Football Federation should intensify organizing this competition at national and state levels.