We have different Basic, Intermediate and Advance courses for those that want to developed and have indepth knowledge about the Game

1.Youth Football Training programme for ages: – 8-10, 11-13, 14 – 16, &17 – 19 for boys and girls.
2.Holiday Intensive Football courses for youth during long holidays. Course duration 8 weeks.
3.Special three month training programme for Amateur Footballers Turning Professional (18-20 years).
4.Football Goalkeeping courses. Duration 4 weeks or as agreed.
5.Workshop for Amateur Club Coaches National. State & Local league. Duration 2 weeks
6.Workshop for coaches of the national, state and local league.
7.Coaches weekly forum. Duration once a week (Tuesday).


All Stars Football Cup Competition. Duration: Twice a year at convenient time
Under 17 Five-A-Side competition.
Under 17 Boys & Girls LEAGUE at state and national Level.
Keep fit Club for Individual, Community or Company staffs.